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Our fun, interactive, (and educational) workshops are available to book.




Workshops are designed to focus in on the time period being studied, be it the Vikings or the Victorians, the Saxons or the Stuarts with the core theme highlighting what was happening in Bedford at that point in time.

Each workshop is fully interactive and children will engage in a mixture of components including some or all of the elements of writing, exploring topics through discussion, problem-solving, creating/making and drawing.

The workshop will complement not only a local history project, but will benefit pupils who are studying the history of Britain on a wider scale.


Workshops will help pupils gain an understanding of Bedford and its people at defined point in time.
This will help pupils to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of both British and local history.

The aim is to help pupils gain the tools they need to question and understand why past events are so important.


Each workshop can last from 1 – 1 1/2 hours and can accommodate up to 30 children.


Our aim is to focus in on and tailor a workshop to your choice of time period.


Prices start from just £40 and are available to book during the school day or for an after school club. The workshops all have elements of making, creating and participating and all materials are provided.


For more information or to book please send us an discuss your requirements..




Below is a small snapshot of some of our workshops.

We build bespoke workshops to tie in with your area of learning. Just tell us the time period or subject and we will build a workshop tailored to your requirements, always focussing in on what was happening right here in Bedford at that time.



- The Henge Builders Of Bedford

- Bedford in the Bronze Age


AD Onwards

- The Romans Rule Bedford

- King Offa - Bedford's Lost King

- The Vikings of Bedford



- The No Nonsense Normans

- Knight's Tournaments, The King's Charter And The Reformation



- Bedford's Witches & 17th Century Superstitions

- Fun, Food & Frivolity in John Bunyan's Bedford

- Bedford Hoists Its Parliamentarian Flag



- Bedford's Industrial Revolution


Modern History

- WW1 - The Friendly Invasion Of Bedford

- WW2 - Bedford's Secrets & Spies

- Bedford And The Brickyards - Our Multi-Cultural Heritage


Across History

- Bedford - A Town Built By Its River

- The Goals, Hangings and Highway Men of Bedford

- The King's Ditch to the High Street - How Bedford Was Built



Thanks for the workshops last week, the children really enjoyed them!

Putnoe Lower School


We all had a great time with you and would like to do it again.

Margaret Beaufort School


The children really engaged with the challenges.

Bedford Modern School


"The best bit was making the coins."


"Really good and I learnt a lot."


"I enjoyed the workshop because it was fun!"

"I enjoyed finding out about Bedford."


"Solving clues as a team was fun."


"Can you come back tomorrow?"








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